Introducing Anton Krupicka

Meet our new-old ambassador

By Tom Owen

Anton Krupicka is not one to rest on his laurels, always seeking to expand his horizons and push himself that little bit further. He’s a lifelong runner who has also been a part of some spectacular trips on his bicycle – not to mention being a devoted rock climber and skier in the winter. His home in Colorado gives him the perfect base to partake in these activities, however he’s also been around the world with his bike – most recently in Slovenia and Italy.


Today Brooks is officially announcing its partnership with Krupicka – although ours is already a long-standing and happy relationship. To celebrate ‘making it official’ we spoke with him about adventure, creativity, and authenticity.


“I believe in the value of pursuing experiences that take me out of my comfort zone. My physical comfort zone, for sure, but also my psychological, intellectual, and even emotional comfort zones,” he explains.


“The most obvious form of this is activities which engage with the outdoor environment: running, climbing, cycling, and skiing. I like the process of setting an objective and then going about the work needed to make it a reality. I enjoy being a beginner.”

Recently returned home from a bike tour in Slovenia, it’s clear that the singular nature of riding his bike is still fresh in his mind.


“Ultimately, self-reliance equates to freedom. When on a bike tour, or even a day-ride, I think this sense of freedom is the main source of joy. It’s also something that other people recognise when you’re out on a bike tour. The bike is a conversation-starter with strangers, which is something I haven’t experienced doing anything else. I think what they’re responding to is the perceived freedom of being on a bike.” 


While he admits he can get “obsessed” with his outdoor pursuits – occasionally to the detriment of his other life responsibilities, Krupicka says he also works hard on maintaining his perspective – a word that comes up again when we discuss creativity.


“Creativity can take many forms, but fundamentally it is an expression of agency and perspective. Each of us is a summation of our unique experiences; this gives each of us a perspective that, if we share it through a creative act, can hopefully help someone else make sense of their place and role in the world.”


Krupicka often seeks out experiences in the back of beyond, and he suggests this helps to enrich the journey.


“Getting off the grid speaks to self-reliance and adventure. Those things are the natural result of deviating from the beaten path. When you push into your personal unknown, there will be moments of doubt and uncertainty, but facing those will ultimately produce a richer and more memorable experience.”

“I value products that are made with pride and attention to detail. If these are the foundation, then durability and a high level of quality will be the natural outcomes.”

Krupicka is also a long-time proponent of Brooks products, favouring our Team Pro and Swift leather models. It is, of course, always gratifying to see a member of the family out there in the wild enjoying their time in the saddle.


“I value products that are made with pride and attention to detail. If these are the foundation, then durability and a high level of quality will be the natural outcomes. No one can take pride in a product if it is essentially disposable.”


As our conversation turns to giving back, Krupicka cites his interest in route creation as a channel by which he can contribute to cycling culture.


“I’ve certainly appreciated and benefited from other people’s efforts in route-building, so I hope to repay those efforts with routes and rides of my own. I enjoy route creation. It’s exciting and rewarding to envision a trip and spend time planning and developing it before attempting it successfully.”


He also mentions how much he enjoys inspiring others to get out and explore the limits of their own comfort zones.


“Of course, it’s gratifying and reassuring. As humans, I think we naturally want to positively affect others. It is rewarding and can make us feel connected to something bigger.”

Brooks would like to thank Anton Krupicka and Hailey Moore for their assistance in the creation of this article.

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